Broker Services

SIHO is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions with a high touch service model that makes our member experience second to none. We work alongside our broker partners to develop and deliver innovative solutions for our clients that reduce costs while improving health outcomes for our members.

SIHO provides our brokers and employer groups the flexibility of a traditional TPA while offering the sophistication of the national carriers. We are in the unique position amongst our peers of being a TPA that controls all aspects of administration and service under one umbrella. This enhances our ability to be proactive and allows us to be nimble and ultra- responsive. Regardless of the size and needs of your employer groups, SIHO has a plan for your clients and looks forward to working with you identify and address those needs.

For more information on SIHO’s capabilities or to request a proposal, please contact:

Local: (812) 378-7000

Toll-Free: (888) 843-1312