Employer Sponsored Health Clinics

As a company owned by hospitals and physicians, SIHO has a strong belief that healthcare services are best delivered locally. We, and our physician partners, also recognize that in most communities we serve there is difficulty in getting timely access to primary care services.

Many employers and their benefits consultants are exploring participation in Employer Sponsored Health Clinics as a solution to improve primary care access, and as a mechanism to slow medical trend through the health clinics delivery of wellness and disease management services.

SIHO believes that these Employer Clinics are most effective when they are created and operated in partnership with the local provider community rather than an independent competitor. The advantages of the Health Clinic’s collaboration with local providers include:

  • Facilitates sharing of electronic health records, in particular with primary care physicians
  • Share primary care physician resources including recruitment, coverage for vacations, and make better use of provider capabilities (physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants) community wide
  • Better coordination of referrals to area specialists and facilities
  • Achieves better unit cost for services referred out to local specialists and facilities
  • Promotes community focused patient centered medical homes and population health management

SIHO can help provide a solution for provider communities threatened by out of town clinic operators that have the potential to disrupt the local delivery system. Services that SIHO can bring to the partnership:

  • Population Management analytics and service delivery including wellness
  • Provider recruitment
  • Marketing and member education services
  • Comprehensive employer group reporting package
  • Practice management software and electronic health records
  • Onsite dispensing using contracted repackaging venders
  • Member web-portals including scheduling
  • 24 Hour Nurseline
  • Employer group billing

SIHO has proven experience in creating an Employer Sponsored Health Clinic in partnership with the local hospital and physician community, demonstrated by our success with the 4 Your Health Center in Seymour, Indiana.

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